Post-Production Services

The most rewarding part of any video production or photoshoot is the editing process where the hard work pays off and the final result comes to life ready to be released to the world. We take special care in post-production to really ensure your project is completed to the brief and really engaged your audience!

Photo Editing

Video Editing

Video Editing Brisbane

Whether you’ve shot a video on your phone, need a YouTube video editor or simply need help putting the pieces together, we’re here to help!

Staples Media offers a video editing service for those who have already filmed the content but need assistance putting all the pieces together.

Our video editing service offers colour corrections and grading, helping you to fix poorly shot content and bring it back to life, audio fixes such as noise removal, voice isolation and enhancement, custom logo animations, animated titles

Fix Your Video Footage

We’ve all been there at some stage in life where things just don’t go your way.

Unfortunately this can happen when filming or recording audio, but there’s no need to worry, our video editors can help! Whether it be fixing colour casts, adding some welcoming titles and text, removing noise from a presentation or upscaling older footage Refresh Films has got it covered.

Book a meeting with us and see how we can transform your footage.

How Long Does Video Editing Take?

Like anything, the time it takes to finish a video editing session depends on the complexity of the brief and how many processes are required to get to the perfect result, generally the better the audio and footage is, the easier it is for our video editors to cut and match.

Custom motion graphics, VFX (which we don’t do), rotoscoping, object removal, 3D graphics and other specialist video editing tools can all take longer than you’d expect. As a quick rule of thumb a standard cut video takes around 4 – 5 times the total length of footage provided to edit.