Staples Media is the result of over a decade of freelance work and collaborations with brands, small and large corporations, influencers, celebrities and individuals in the marketing, film, video and media production industry as a whole. 

It is humbling to know where we are today can and does impact many lives and although we are a behind the scenes service in essence, our goal is simple. If you succeed then we succeed. 

We continue to strive for quality imagery and efficiency in our video productions, remain true to the brief provided and will remain as open and transparent as possible with every client interaction.

Back in the day…

Before social media and the internet really ‘blew up’ creating professional video was expensive and out of reach for most small businesses. Phones were lucky to have 2 megapixels and you needed a team of people to press the record button.

In the early 2000s our creative director and video producer James was running a lighting business creating custom LED lighting solutions, he found that people were asking the same questions in virtually every interaction so he decided to make a video to simply save time, he posted it to YouTube and that video changed everything…

The results were instant, customers were calling with the knowledge they needed and called simply to place their orders.

Freelancing Era

A few years later the lighting business was sold to a colleague and James’ began the journey into the world of video creation.

As the old saying goes, “learn by doing” and that’s exactly what happened. James worked endlessly hiring and testing equipment, trying new techniques and trends, understanding how to make an image look pleasing. With extensive knowledge of lighting in his back pocket, creating custom light fittings helped the journey.

After some time he was ready to freelance. Built his website and put himself out there in the world as a freelance videographer. Hired for individual roles on projects he began to make his mark, particular with aerial film work.

Media Company

After freelancing for some years, it was time to niche down and ‘Staples Media’ was born. Incorporating more end to end work James realised that it took a team of people to deliver the demands of marketing and advertising agencies.

Working alongside creatives across Australia James grew the business and started to realise that you can’t do it all alone, and that certain types of content like weddings, birthdays parties and night club videos weren’t really his thing.

The attention and focus shifted to organisations that were making a real difference, telling impactful stories and delivering clear messages.