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Marketing is an important part of any business success. Getting people aware of, interested in and excited about your brand and your products or services is ultimately the goal. Video has a VERY broad reach in todays digital age and we’re here to help you make content that ultimately contributes to your brands success.

Green Screen Interview Vidoe Production

Our Process

Set Objectives
The first step to creating a successful video campaign is to understand what makes it successful. Sales and lead generation is more often than not the number one top priority for many businesses, however the approach with video content isn’t necessarily direct sales like television commercials.

Once clear goals and objectives have been defined we work that into a strategy, deciding on what the core message, where it will be posted, who the audience is, what reach is required and so on. We then begin organising the scripting, storyboards, equipment, actors and anything else that’s required.

Everything has been thought of, now it’s time to shoot. Here we bring together some techniques to tell the story, this might include dialogue, voice overs, time lapse, slow motion, aerial, interviews, various shot types and ultimately anything that adds to the story.

We’ve shot everything we need, but we’ve got to cut it all down into a short, meaningful and engaging video. We add titles, motion graphics and animations, sound effects, a colour grade and anything that adds to the story.

The video has been approved and it’s time to push it out to the world. A key component to video success is making sure it’s distributed in the right channels at the right time to the right people. 

You cannot know if your campaign was effective if you do not measure the results. Use your platform to measure engagement, audience retention, click throughs, SEO boosts, sales and other metrics to determine the success.




Location Setting
Story Board
Concept Overview
Audience Targeting
Platform Overview
Shot List


Set Preparation
Lighting & Audio
Shot List Capturing
Data Management
Camera Equipment


Cuts and Editing
Colour Grading
Audio Tracks
Sound Effects
Visual Effects
Motion Graphics

For metrics focused businesses a common question is how fast can we create and distribute a video?

The answer is, it all depends. Preparation is key, knowing exactly what’s required up front allows us to plan efficiently and effectively. Ultimately a 2 minute video could be shot and edited on the same day, however, multiple locations, set up times, complex edits, additional graphics, actor and crew availability all have an impact on how quickly a video can be created. 

In the world of social media there are a range of metrics available for you to understand how your audience behaves and responds to your video. The goal of your video may vary depending on your product or service. Creating sales is often the end goal but the methodology to get there can vary. It’s not all about 15 second TV ads and catchy jingles. It’s about giving your brand a voice and creating long term value for customers..

We use whatever is required to create the best quality video for you within your budget. Our video packages come with the use of our in house Sony digital cameras, Fujinon and Sony cinema and stills lenses,  DJI drones, Aputure lighting equipment, Apple computers and software, Sennheiser audio, Atomos recorders and everything in between.

The cost of a video production varies wildly depending on the content. Your budget often determines how much can go into a video as well. Knowing what’s required in the video will give you the best estimate of costs for production and editing.

Strategy! What does you do? What does your business do? What are people looking for? What are their frequently asked questions? How can you deliver information faster and more effectively? 

There are hundreds of video concepts and content ideas, with a strategy session we can help you determine the best fit for your brand and product or service.