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The most rewarding part of any video production or photoshoot is the editing process where the hard work pays off and the final result comes to life ready to be released to the world.

Photo Editing

Video Editing

BYO Footage

Already got footage? Let us piece it together, mix in a bit of magic and BOOM you’ve got a ready to release video. With COVID-19 still of concern shooting with crew can be difficult so why not shoot it yourself and let us take care of the rest!

Creative Story Editing

It all starts with the question. 

What are you trying to achieve?

Cat videos might do well on YouTube but they’re not going to sell a washing machine….

Telling a story through editing helps engage with your audience, keeping them involved and listening.

Colour Corrections & Grading

A huge amount of time is spent on creating and maintaining a consistent ‘look’ throughout a movie or film. This look adds an element of emotion or feeling that ideally goes with the scene in the story. The same applies to your video.

The images above show examples of the typical steps in post production colour corrections and grading. Most digital cameras can record in a ‘flat’ lifeless format to preserve as much image detail as possible, which is later extracted in the video editing software.

A base correction is often applied to fix any exposure, colour shift and white balance issues and bring the image to a neutral look, then the footage is matched with other footage in the video to create consistency with other colour adjustments.

The creative look or grade can then be applied if it fits the scene or tone of the story that’s being portrayed. 

Visual Effects & Graphics

Visual effects can be important to help get the message across when it may not be otherwise apparent. The below video shows some examples of adding simple graphics to aid in story telling and helping the audience understand what to focus their attention on.

Plumb Medic needed a commercial style video to promote the opening of their business, knowing that people often watch video without sound they wanted to portray their story in a way that showed exactly what they do with their customers being told verbally. We used a number of animated titles and graphic movements to help draw attention throughout the video.

Audio & Sound Design

The quality of audio in a video can have a huge impact on its success. In some environments such as outdoor festivals it may be difficult to get clean audio and some enhancement may be required. In addition the volume of various sound effects need to be set to a level that doesn’t distract from the story and rather enhances it. Often voice overs are used along with licensed music to really deliver on emotion and emphasis.

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