M600 Drone Shot

Aerial images have become a necessity for many film and advertising agencies. The extra perspective can really make the difference when communication is key.

Staples Media have experienced drone operators that cover a wide range of drone photography, drone videography, drone camera and gimbal operation for film, social media, commercials, live event coverage, real estate and developments, mapping and asset inspection work.

For restricted air spaces that drones can’t be used we utilise helicopters to capture the desired shots.

Drone Services

Frequent Flyer

Mavic Pro 2 Drone

The All-Rounder

DJI Phantom 4

Media Workhorse

Helicopter Aerials

Drones are great and for 90% of the time they can deliver what’s required. For all other times there’s a range of Helicopters available through our exclusive partners at Stratos Group. Our services include stills and video operation from plane or helicopter over and above the maximum height allowed with a drone. For large area property such as manufacturing plants, city buildings, farm land and even whole suburbs this is particularly useful. The rates for helicopter shooting varies wildly, so please contact us for any aerial work you may need.