About Us

Small Team - Big Results

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Humble Beginnings

Our first video was created back in 2012, hosted on YouTube in 2013 and turned a small two man underperforming lighting business into a multi-million dollar scalable and saleable company that later became the inception for Staples Media Australia.

We started with a marketing strategy, a list of activities that we carefully planned and executed over a number of years… INDIVIDUALLY NONE OF IT WORKED WELL.

We began to realise that for our marketing to work effectively we needed highly targeted and engaging content that wasn’t about selling but educating and creating a relationship, and that’s why video works as well as it does, because it’s personal and engaging.

Eventually everything was scrapped from that list except the three things that worked consistently. ONLINE PRESENCE, FACE TO FACE INTERACTION and TARGETED ADS. We delivered our content as if our customer was in our store getting everything they needed.

This wasn’t some magical formula but it’s what worked for us, the game has changed completed now but the basics of an effective marketing strategy are still there. It’s just a lot more work now as we are completely soaked in content every day through social media channels!

Who are we?

James Stapledon (nicknamed Staples) is the lead creative director and content producer.

With an outstanding track record in entrepreneurship, business management, business mentoring and environmental sustainability, James brings a wealth of knowledge which is actively shared amongst clients and contributors.

James’ attitude is very much that your success is our success. He is willing to help out at any stage of your business. 

Our Network

We’ve been engaged by numerous individuals and companies for work of varying size, one off and ongoing in all forms of media. Including event promotions, product/service explainers, documentary, corporate promotion, government initiatives, brand awareness campaigns and so on.

Due to the nature of this work, we engage with various professionals in the industry across Australia. Ranging from certified drone pilots with film set experience, long term producers with incredible industry experience, Directors of varying projects from social media campaigns to film and television series’, freelance videographers and photographers and everything in between.

We’re here to help you deliver the message, whether it’s an engaging photo for your Google Business page or a product review video for YouTube. We take the time to fulfil the desired outcome of your media in a high quality format.